Oreo – Creatively Redesigning Their Cookies for Social Media

One of the world’s most loved cookie brands, Oreo is known for its delicious cream-filled cookies that you need to dunk in milk. However, another thing they’re known for is their impeccable social media game.

Oreo’s creative ways to cash in on the latest trends and even advertise their products on social media makes for an interesting case study.

Here are a few instances when they hit the nail on the head:

  1. The Superbowl Shutdown 

When the Superbowl unexpectedly lost its lighting for a brief period, Oreo immediately put out a picture of their cookie with the caption – “you can still dunk in the dark.” Simple, effective and absolutely on point!

  1. The Royal Oreo

When news of the royal baby’s birth was out, Oreo put out a picture of a feeding bottle on a plush cushion, accompanied with an Oreo and the caption – “Long live the Creme”.

  1. The Daily Twist 

This was another popular campaign when Oreo decided to create art for any topical event that happened for 100 days straight. This included commemorating Elvis Presley’s birthday, the Mars Rover Landing and the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises among others.

With these examples, it’s easy to see why Oreo is such a beloved brand. With its social media strategy, they always know how to stand out from the rest, and involve current affairs with a quirky take, and this has been their signature that’s worked in their favour for years!