Personal Branding Mistakes You Must Avoid

Do you want your brand to be a top performer in your niche? If yes, you must keep a check on how your brand is represented. What, Why, and Who? Your personal branding should have a clear answer to these 3 questions.

Show up online consistently. If you want your brand to stand out, keep in mind you don’t make the below-mentioned mistakes:

  • No website: Whether your business is large or small, you must have a registered domain with your name. Not having a website is not cool. Make sure you have a functional website that displays your business value propositions and services.  Also, it will pave the path for your prospects to engage in your services.
  • Not being visible: Are you only showcasing your brand? If yes, it’s time to put yourself in front of your audience. Go for a Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, or YouTube Live to connect with your audience. Engaging in photography is also a good idea.
  • No concrete brand purpose: Why are you making all the efforts to ensure your brand stands out? It should be reflected in your brand purpose. How can you solve the problems of your customers? In what ways is your brand helpful? Communicate this very clearly.
  • Being inconsistent: Show up consistently with valuable content.  Apart from this, you should have consistent fonts, colors, brand tone, and brand voice across all online platforms.
  • Hiding your brand story: Show your brand to create a unique spell amongst the audience. Be the “Authentic You” and share your inspirations, beliefs, aha moments, and challenges that have come your way. 

Which of these mistakes might you be making, and how can you correct them?

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