SEO For your Instagram Page

If you want to grow your presence on Instagram and generate leads, profile optimization is a must. Optimizing your profile will help you get found on the platform. SEO for Instagram is different from SEO for websites. Here is how you can optimize your Instagram page:

  • Optimize your profile for search: The Instagram search function works like Google. If you optimize your name and username, you will be able to show up in relevant searches. Next to your name on the profile, write what you do or add keywords for which you want to rank. For example, you can use relevant words such as ‘Branding Expert’, ‘Sports Training App’, etc.
  • Write keyword-optimized captions: To make your profile visible to other people you can include relevant keywords in your caption. Instagram’s algorithm pushes content with relevant keywords. 
  • Use hashtags in captions: Many people claim hashtags are dead. But that’s not true. Hashtags are still a great way to draw eyes to your content, and using relevant hashtag trends will make it easier for your target audience to find you. 
  • Make use of Alt Text: Instagram has a feature that allows creators to write alternative text to describe the content in detail. It is for visually impaired people and helps them understand what your content or image consists of. You can write alt texts by visiting the advanced settings while writing captions. 
  • Encourage tagging: To boost discoverability on Instagram you can ask your audience to tag their friends. You can create such posts that will persuade them to do that and this will help you attract a larger audience. 

Optimizing your Instagram account can make a big difference to your social media metrics and help you attract quality leads.

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