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Video Marketing: Tips to Create High-Quality Videos

Since social media and video platforms have made their way into everyone’s pockets, video has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to effectively market their products and services. The tools required for video creation have become ubiquitous as even our mobile devices are able to capture high-quality video. However, not all videos are created equal, and poorly made content can have a detrimental impact on a brand’s image. Let’s examine the importance of creating high-quality videos and provide essential do’s and don’ts for recording videos using your phone.

Quality matters.

To connect with your audience and potential customers, you have to get their attention and make a connection. People sell brands, and videos provide a unique opportunity to establish a personal connection that written content cannot replicate. Seeing your face and hearing your voice can help viewers make that connection, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust. Thankfully, you don’t need extravagant resources or a big budget to create a high-quality video that leaves a lasting impact.

Dos and Don’ts of Recording Video with Your Phone:

Holding the camera:

When recording videos, consider using a tripod to ensure stability or hold the phone steadily with both hands. Decide whether you want the video to be in landscape or portrait mode. If you’re creating the video for formats like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok, you will want to record in portrait mode, holding the phone vertically. If your video needs to be in landscape mode for the final product, hold the phone horizontally.


Good lighting is a must. Consider investing in an inexpensive light ring, readily available on platforms like Amazon, to enhance the lighting conditions. Additionally, whenever possible, leverage natural lighting for a visually pleasing effect. Remember, it is better to have slightly more lighting than necessary as it can be adjusted during the editing stage.

Check your Background:

Pay attention to the background of your videos. Avoid cluttered or distracting settings that could draw attention away from your message. Consider purchasing a cheap backdrop to provide a clean and professional look.

Camera Angle:

When choosing a camera angle, opt for a neutral spot to stand. Avoid standing too close or too far away from the camera to maintain a balanced composition. Implement the “rule of thirds” to further enhance the visual appeal of your videos. 

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Test Audio and Video Quality:

Select a quiet environment to minimize background noise. Test the audio quality to ensure it is clear and loud enough for viewers. Additionally, double-check that the focus of the video remains sharp throughout the recording.

Additional Tips:

Brevity is good:

Given the diminishing attention spans of online users, it is crucial to keep your videos concise. For social media platforms, target videos ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute and 20 seconds, as these are the current industry standards. Make sure to deliver your key message early on and briefly elaborate. Lastly, include a compelling call to action at the end to encourage viewer engagement.

Create Engaging Thumbnails:

Captivating thumbnails serve as gateways to your videos, attracting viewers to click and watch. Use vibrant, attention-grabbing images that stand out among the sea of content. Merely having someone standing in front of a camera may not be enough to generate views.

Conducting Interviews:

When conducting interviews, avoid rushing into the next question immediately after receiving an answer. Allow a 3-5 second buffer between answers and questions. This buffer provides video editors with more room to work with, ensuring a smoother and more polished final product.

All that’s left is to get started.

A high-quality video has the power to establish a strong connection with your audience. By following the tips and guidelines outlined in this article, you can begin your journey to create compelling videos that resonate with viewers, driving engagement and boosting your marketing efforts. We encourage you to implement these strategies and, if you’re seeking further guidance, consider reaching out to Black Raven AFC. Together, we can make what you imagine.

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