Website Updates You Want to Make Before Black Friday 2021

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated shopping days worldwide. Consumers are all looking to get great deals on products. As a retailer, you’d know all about the crowds that turn up. But is there a reason to prep your eCommerce storefront for Black Friday?

Most retail websites see a massive spike in engagement during Black Friday. As more people log in, and you need to be prepared for such an eventuality. Here are some updates to the site you can make:

Prepare Your eCommerce Storefront for Black Friday

Take stock of your inventory:

It’s important that your eCommerce customers are able to purchase what they’re looking for with ease. You have to keep track of your inventory and make sure it is accurately represented on your website.

A week or two before Black Friday, take stock of all the products you’re selling, and update your backend tracking to reflect current inventory.

Advertise in advance:

You must create or repurpose digital assets before the sales holiday so you have time to put them up on your site, social media, and other channels. Create banners for your site, start talking about black Friday on your Instagram and Facebook, blast out email marketing assets, and optimize your website for Black Friday SEO.

This allows you to capture more visitors who will discover your brand and generate more sales.

Share reviews:

If you expect newer audiences heading to your site, they must find you credible. You can establish credibility by sharing positive reviews on your home page (if you haven’t already), so people can read them before purchasing.

Try these tips and you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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