Why Social Media is About More than Likes and Followers

Present-day social media has witnessed a paradigm shift. Today, social media means a lot more than mere likes and followers. Instagram has proven that by hiding the visibility of the “likes” feature. Even though likes and followers are still important engagement metrics, social media strategies need to adapt to the evolving era of engagement and attention. 

When it comes to social media marketing, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Your strategies should revolve around building and sustaining a strong brand name, image, and identity. 

Importance of brand identity and brand image

How do people perceive your brand? This defines your brand image. People invest in your products and services more enthusiastically when they know what you stand for. The way you interact with your customers reveals your true business intentions. 

Brand identity speaks of the visual representation of your brand. It includes all the tangible elements that describe your mission, vision, and values. It is important to strategize all the building blocks to nail a wonderful brand identity. 

When designing your social media strategies, ensure you put the right content in the right manner to place your business in the market, and capture the hearts of your prospects. 
Make sure you aren’t trapped obsessing over like and follower counts. Use social media channels to attract the “ATTENTION” of your target customers. Plan and execute to escalate your brand impact and scope.

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