Why User Tracking is Vital to Your Marketing Strategy

User tracking means tracking the user’s behavior on your website. This means keeping an eye on what they browse, how they navigate a page, and where they abandon your website. In a nutshell, user tracking keeps a record of a user’s interaction with your website. 

Benefits of user tracking:  

  • Offers a better breadth of view into the interests of your site’s users – elements that attract and distract them.
  • Discover the phases within the buyer-journey where they are hindered by obstacles, get confused, and unplug. 
  • Find out the performance of individual pages.
  • Be aware of the customer’s needs. 

Steps of User tracking

After you gather user behavior data, analyze it strategically.

  • Why visitors come to your website: Identify the factors that compel users to visit your website. How can you find out? On-site surveys and Google analytics tools can help you find out what drives visitors to your website.
  • Why visitors abandon your site: Locate the barriers that prevent visitors from becoming your buyers. Understand why users are leaving the funnel. Find solutions to the barriers and make strategies to increase conversions.
  • What persuades visitors: Investigate the reasons behind the conversion. This helps you know about the unique selling point of your product so that you can boost it. Asking for user feedback is the best way to know what worked for you.

Do you know your customer closely? Sign up for user behavior analytics tools and attain quick results.

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