Common Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media runs on videos and it’s important that marketers find the right balance of video and static content. Videos can help you capture attention and convey more about your brand, and getting your video strategy right is vital to your growth in the digital sphere.

There are a few common video marketing mistakes brands make that can sully their results. If you’re looking to get into video, here are some common mistakes to avoid:


Skipping videos or even scrolling to the bottom of a video is something that everyone does for a variety of reasons. We want to be up-to-date, informed, or entertained the majority of the time. If a video is too commercial or promotional, it may cause your viewers to lose interest in your business.

So, what can you do instead? Focus on the human side of your consumer base, telling customer stories and sharing reviews and feedback. 

Ignoring the needs of baby boomers:

Baby boomers spend more per capita than millennials across a wide range of popular categories and are responsible for 51% of all consumer expenditure.

Baby boomers are using YouTube to catch up on TV recaps, highlights, and their favorite shows, much like their counterparts from previous generations. 68% of baby boomers admit to watching YouTube videos to pass the time and be entertained. (Source)

Making excessively long videos:

It’s something you’ve heard before! With social media feeds designed to keep you scrolling, users on these platforms are always ready to move on to the next post.

On top of that, there are a plethora of distractions available online. Producing videos that are too long is a formula for disaster.

Try these tips and begin your journey towards better-produced videos for a better digital presence!

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