LinkedIn Post Types that Attract Engagement

LinkedIn is a well-known business-to-business (B2B) social networking tool for executives and other business people. More than 130,000 posts are published each week by more than 1 million publishers. Certain LinkedIn post types perform better with your target audience. Who is the audience on LinkedIn? Approximately 45% of readers are corporate managers, vice presidents, chief executives, or other members of senior management. (source)

Consider these LinkedIn Post Types to Improve Your Brand’s Visibility

Finding the right content to post is important to attract this audience, and here are some types that perform well:

Blog posts:

Sharing blogs on Linkedin can increase brand awareness and reach. They can also help you achieve higher engagement rates. Whenever you do share blogs on Linkedin, take the following steps:

  • Introduce your post with a personal comment
  • Shorten the URL
  • Make sure you have an amazing thumbnail

Industry research:

Industry research and news are other styles of content that do extremely well on Linkedin. Whatever industry you’re in, make sure that you’re sharing relevant news and information so your audience understands what you do.

Business tips:

In a business-based website, providing tips to do better always goes a long way. Take some time out to curate quotes or other business tips, and share it once in a while to increase engagement on Linkedin.

Simple posts that feature leadership ideas and methods tend to fare well on the social media platform LinkedIn. Because this is a professional network, you should limit your discussion topics to those that promote productivity, leadership, and career advancement or success.

Photo updates:

Yes, photos work well on Linkedin too! Like photos shot at business gatherings that are visually appealing and compelling. Posts like these can garner a lot of attention on LinkedIn. It will also provide a glimpse into the kind of work you’re doing!

With these LinkedIn post types, you’ll notice how the right content on Linkedin can help you grow organically on the platform.

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