Repurpose Your Webinar Content

Your webinar content is one of the most engaging and evergreen types of video that you can produce. Many marketers think of webinars as just one-off content pieces with a limited shelf life, but they are much more than that.

When organized the right way, webinars can be a great source of content that can be used for many months after the event. In general, you always want to think of ways you can repurpose any video content.

Your Webinar Content can Take New Forms

Create FAQs:

For many viewers, the most useful part of your webinar content is the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section. It is the best place to learn about the challenges your audience faces, their questions, and what is most important to them.

Isolate the Q&A portion of your webinar:

The best part of the Q&A section is that it is built with genuine audience questions. Just slice this part of the webinar and use it wherever possible, including as text-based Q&As.

Make quick how-to videos:

The number of distinct subjects covered in one webinar is likely rather large. For this reason, you should break up your webinar into specialized, short how-to videos in order to make them more consumable and shareable. These tips can also be shared within individual blog posts for more content options.

Create Highlight Reels:

People don’t always have the luxury of watching a 30 to 60-minute video. Make a short video that recaps the most important insights from your webinar to save time for your time-crunched audience. 

Remove the webinar audio from your video to make it even more consumable for your audience. Replace the original video with clean webinar slides and some added text to clarify key points in the presentation.

With these tips, you can make your webinars more engaging and useful!

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