What Is a Brand-Identity Video?

Leverage the power of video to make your brand stick in your audience’s mind.

Every time you see an icon of a white apple with a bite missing from it, you know you’re looking at an Apple product. You also know a Microsoft product just by hearing the ‘Microsoft Windows Startup Sound.’ 

Why can you recognize the brands through their logo or their sound? Because those elements are part of that brand’s identity.

What is “brand identity”?

Brand Identity is the message the consumer receives from the product, person, or thing. Your company name, logo, tagline, typeface, color scheme, sound: all these components make up your brand identity.

Why is brand identity important?

One main reason: building recognition and brand loyalty.

Strong brand identity makes your brand recognizable by the simple elements of a logo or a typeface. You don’t even need to mention the brand name any longer: the other unique components become the face of your brand.

When you are easily recognizable, you are also more memorable. Your audience now has your brand instilled in their heads. Your brand then becomes their go-to solution in the niche you specialize in, eventually building brand loyalty.

Why video?

Here’s why you should focus on building your brand identity through videos:

  • More attractive than text for a large segment of your audience
  • Faster way of communicating a story
  • Easy to share with others on various platforms.

How can you make a good brand identity video?

Know who you are making the video for. You must focus your video to benefit the viewer to its maximum potential. Some tips for making your video audience-first:

  • Clearly define the audience: their demographics, interests, and pain points
  • Make the video worth your time and money by creating something that will connect with those who watch it
  • Answer your audience’s questions
  • Explain the “what’s in it for me” factor: how does the audience benefit from your brand?

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