Where Should You Place Your Instagram Hashtags?

It is one of the most debated marketing topics on Instagram. Should hashtags go on the caption or in the comments? Instagram outlined key updates to their search algorithm to help us find the answer:

Instagram Hashtags in Your Caption Matter

According to Instagram, their search algorithm is primarily concerned with the hashtags you include in your captions. This goes against what best practices were over the last few years. It is a powerful reminder that best SEO practices change along with the search platforms.

Social media experts now say hashtags belong in the captions. This change simplifies the job of any social media manager.

Is there Any Reason to Include Hashtags in the Comments?

Not anymore. You may even encounter articles that suggest putting hashtags in the comments, but this advice is based on old data. As of November 2021, we recommend putting all your hashtags in the caption of your post. If you want to post a comment, consider asking your audience a question that they can respond to.

When it comes to the optimal amount of hashtags to use for the best outcomes, one study found that companies had the highest level of interaction when they used either 7 or 30 hashtags. Anything in the middle between the two suffered a decrease in participation.

So, what should your brand do? We suggest that you prioritize the main hashtags in the caption first. Once you’re able to gain a certain level of traction, mix it up by placing both high and low-engagement hashtags on both the comments and the captions.

Remember: develop a content strategy that comfortably fits with your brand and maximizes your reach.

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